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Founded in 2015, Nulton Aviation has strived to be one of the top flight schools in the country. With our commitment to safety and standardization, we have proven success in continuous growth and partnerships.


Johnstown-John Murtha Cambria County Airport (KJST)

Located just a few miles off of Route 219, Johnstown Airport is home to two well-maintained runways, 15 hangars, an Army Air National Guard base, and airline terminal.

While the airport is large in size, the property is utilized primarily for training which means short ground times, and accommodations from ATC.


Our facilities include two buildings that have full access to the airport. Each building has a hangar, flight planning area, pilot lounge, mini-kitchen, and latrines.

Our Pilot's Lounge offers comfortable surroundings and amenities, including complimentary wireless Internet access, television and telephone.

Our newly constructed learning center has state of the art equipment that provides the best possible learning experience for our students..

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